For you I'd count the salt under the sea

19 year old girl. I love bands.
This was a b&w blog up until 12/01/14 when I decided
I lack enough color in my life already.
I make a lot of gifs and post whatever i feel like posting. I sometimes follow back,
but you wont be able to tell unless you're aware of that [x] is my main blog. you're all rad

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Guys if u want to you can follow my Instagram that I’ve had for like a year + I posted my first picture today so like i’d say I’m pretty active plus maybe if you don’t want ugly selfies on your dashboard you can see them there instead

It’s milenanizich

  • teacher: e-mail me the assignment by monday. i'll need your e-mail address.
  • me:
  • teacher:
  • me:
  • teacher:
  • me:
  • teacher:
  • me:
  • teacher:
  • me:




if i die my funerals gonna be the biggest fucken party and you’re all invited 


great, the only party ive ever been invited to and he might not even die

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My internet was down for 5 minutes so i went downstairs and spoke to my family

They seem like nice people

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