All of the plans that you made never included me

20 year old girl. I love bands. This was a b&w blog up until 12/01/14 when I decided I lack enough color in my life already.I make a lot of gifs and post whatever i feel like posting. I sometimes follow back, but you wont be able to tell unless you're aware of that [x] is my main blog. If you selfpromote depression blogs on my posts i'll lose my're all rad.

instagram; milenanizich

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i watched a documentary about aeroplanes and lightning storms, planes have special sort of mesh in then that stop the lightning of damaging the electronics and people inside! i'm sure you will be fine!!!

A tiny bit calmer now, thanks ily

So I’m flying to Barcelona for a week tonight and if you never hear from me a week from now it’s probably bc I’m dead since we’re supposedly landing in the middle of a thunderstorm

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oooo guys you should actually follow thís blog, i definitely will be! go do it gogogogoo